Clover Seat prototype, 2004

Clover Seat 

Designer public seating-environmental, affordable

1. The clover seat explores the design themes of the orchid seat whils stripping down the aluminium material content and and employing low impact and environmentally sustainable materials and processes.

2. In contrast to the geometric and industrial orchid design, the clover seat has been conceived as a ‘feminine, visually softer and more organic design.

3. With its panel seating and reduced cast aluminium armature, the Clover seat uses significantly less aluminium than the Orchid seat, which reduces the seat’s environmental imapct of manufacture. The eat panels may be recycled plastic, (which recycles an existing waste product, has low energy input in the transport and recycling phases, and may be recycled again for other products at the end of its economic life) ply, or formed polycarbonate sheet.

4. The clover seat complements the Orchid seat with a design that shares the same base and armrests, yet addresses different environments and budgets.

5. The Clover seat is part of a seating program similar to that of the orchid with single and row seating and possible future bench and table combinations.

6. Again, like the Orchid, has few basic components to the system, allowing for simpler installation and lower maintenance.

7. The Clover seat is design registered, and together with the technical complexity and capital set-up costs involved in the casting and moulding processes, these make the seat difficult to copy, reassuring specifiers that they will achieve lasting design originality and quality of product.



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Mathieu Gallois (commissioned designer/artist) has exhibited both nationally and internationally, participating in over forty exhibitions. He has received numerour awards, grants, commissions and scholarships. In July 2004, his artwork and designs were featured in Monument magazine.