Skills & Knowledge Base

Gallois’ education, creative practice and employment history over the last 25 years has spanned the interdisciplinary fields of art, design, architecture, and research. His uncommonly broad skill set and work experience affords a holistic and potentially transformative approach to residential design.

Gallois’ aptitude and enthusiasm for teaching and disseminating ideas has been recognised with thirteen tutoring contracts over the past 5 years. Gallois has taught both undergraduate and post graduate design and architecture courses at Sydney’s three leading universities: Sydney University, The University of NSW and the University Technology Sydney. Gallois’ tutoring and lecturing enriches his practice, keeping him informed of the latest cultural and technological developments in architecture (as well as being very enjoyable).

Gallois has a deep knowledge and understanding of Australian art and culture (he is a multi award winning artist who has participated in over 50 exhibitions)

He has an intimate understanding of the building process (he is an award winning furniture maker)

He has extensive knowledge of Indigenous Australians and their culture (his PhD on the Aboriginal Flag was awarded Power Publications’ Dissertation Prize for Indigenous Art Research in 2018. ). The latter has profoundly shaped Gallois’ relationship and understanding of country.

Finally, though many built and speculative projects, both as an artist and architecture student, graduate and educator, Gallois has researched and explored the premises and meanings of the Australian home, and our sense of place and belong in the Australian environment. Recent collaborative, speculative and pedagogical works include
and the

Gallois’ knowledge and skills enable him to engage his clients in dialogues that transcend disciplines, cultures and accepted ways of thinking, allowing willing clients the opportunity to collaborate in the creation of outstanding architecture.