Services & Process

Gallois’ services include the following tasks and deliverables:

1. Planning Assessments: this first step involves forming an understanding of the clients brief, and investigating the sites development potential relative to the client’s brief and budget.

2. Sketch and Concept Designs: this task involves exploring the spatial possibilities of the site within determinant planning controls.

3. Opinions of Probable Cost: this step involves seeking early indications of likely construction costs from builders.

4. Planning Submissions: this task involves coordinating documentation to navigate the development approval process, including Development Applications and Complying Development Certificates.

5. Construction Documentation: this step involves documenting detailed designs to enable builders to competitively tender for the construction contract.

6. Contract Administration – managing the builder as the client’s representative and as an impartial contract administrator to ensure a quality build that achieves the design intent for the project.

The above entails the following steps:

Listen, Analyse, Research, Create, Question & Execute.

As a solo practitioner, Gallois sometimes draws up the advice and mentorship of his friend and colleague Peter Smith from Smith & Tzannes architectural firm

Over a number of years Smith and Gallois have been partners of Reincarnated McMansion

Smith has a deep understanding the building regulatory environment – in part because he has been involved in creating it! Smith is a member of the State Design Review Panel, provides design review assessments for a number of Sydney councils and is an expert in the Land & Environment Court. He was previously a member of the Sydney South Planning Panel.

Smith complements Gallois’ design and construction expertise, providing advice on building regulatory matters, ensuring that Gallois’ designs pass smoothly through the planning approval process.