• Orchid Seat, 2001

  • Orchid Seat, 2001

  • Orchid Seat (top), 2001

Orchid Seat 

Timeless robust design

1. This design combines flowing forms with strong geometry to produce a unique design. Conceived of as a total 3 dimension form, the seat creates a myriad of different impressions and views that reflect the seat’s strong play on negative and positive form, a characteristic that is accentuated when grouped in arow of seats.

2. The Orchid seat is virtually indestructable. It is a fully cast aluminium seat with ribs where required to resist the high stresses. The seat has been tested under extreme simulated conditions.

3. There are few components to the basic system, allowing for simpler installation and lower maintenance.

4. The seat is part of a seating program that provides for single seating on a pedastal leg (grouped if required) or the more formal seating rows fixed to a beam system, with or without arms. Future design development may incorporate benches and tables into the program.

5. The all aluminium orchid seat has a low environmental footprint over a number of life cycles. Aluminium, while requiring high energy initially, is infinitely recyclable with lower energy input at successive cycles.

6. The Orchid seat is design registered, and together with the technical complexity of the Orchid Seat’s casting process, this makes the seat difficult to be copied, reassuring specifiers that thay will achieve lasting design originality and quality of product.



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Mathieu Gallois (commissioned designer/artist) has exhibited both nationally and internationally, participating in over forty exhibitions. He has received numerour awards, grants, commissions and scholarships. In July 2004, his artwork and designs were featured in Monument magazine.